Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Chilli Night

When we first scheduled Chilli Night it fell on Sarah and Cambo's wedding anniversary, 14 years!  All of a sudden we had planned a Hot Chilli Wedding, allowing Sarah and Cambo to renew their wedding vows, in the original wedding attire, supported by the rest of The Feed Lot team automatically appointed to Bridal Party.  Being a dinner club, we did offer to re-create the Cambo wedding menu, however the Bride and Groom suggested some things should stay in the 90's... so Chilli theme was locked in!

Unfortunately, the Hot Chilli Wedding was cancelled due to illness, but I still wanted to share the concept.  One month later, we found a date that suited and enjoyed Chilli Night at our place - without the wedding.  Scotty made a playlist for the evening - Red Hot Chilli Peppers with the occasional Hot Chilli Woman thrown in for good measure.

While I'm not sure our Chilli night would have satisfied a Chilli master, it still had some of us reaching for a few sips of milk, or in Cambo's case, a few napkins to soak up the condensation on his forehead.

Our Chilli Night menu:

Entree:    Chilli Con Carne with Natural Corn Chips, Natural Yogurt, Guacamole and Salsa
Main:      Cashew Chicken with Burnt Chilli Paste, White Gold and Sweet Potato Hot Red Chilli Salad
Dessert:  Chocolate-Chilli Cake with Ice Cream


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