About Me

My name is Emily - and this is where you can read all about me, author of The Feed Lot.  Seems a bit silly really, but my research has shown everyone likes to know a bit about their blogger.  If I were more popular, my 'about me' would be written in the third person - but I'm not, so here it is.  About me, written by me.

I'm into health & fitness - if there's a fun run, bike ride or triathlon, I will try to participate in some way or another.  I am however, the world's most inconsistent athlete.  In fact, if I put my training ahead of socialising, food and wine, I'd probably be half good.

Ask any of my girlfriends and they would tell you that until recently, I was absolutely NOT the person they'd call for kitchen advice.  Sure, I could whip up a spaghetti bolognaise (out of a jar) and serve it with garlic bread (from the freezer), but I wouldn't even necessarily get it all served together. 

I've never had any issues following a recipe, in fact at highschool I came top of my class in Home Economics.  My Mother, Aunts and Grandmother are all fantastic cooks.  There was always a healthy home-cooked meal on the table, home baked goods in the cupboard and not much came out of a packet in our house.  I grew up in a big family, so meals had to be large, economical and fast - which was best left to Mum.

On my 25th Birthday, my Godmother gave me a Donna Hay book.  Instant Entertaining. This was my first real cookbook, and as anyone who follows Donna Hay would know, the pictures were enough to inspire me to give the recipes a go.

My first DH book quickly turned into the magazine subscription.  My husband was extremely encouraging of any new recipes I decided to try... and I slowly started to have conversations with 'foodie' girlfriends about what we'd been cooking and sharing recipes.  It was one of these conversations with my good friend Deb that lead to planning our Dinner Club - The Feed Lot.

I hope you enjoy my blog!