Monday, September 20, 2010

MUNCH: A Monthly Lunch

Recently I was reading the August edition of Shop Til You Drop magazine, where editor Justine Cullen wrote about her group of girlfriends called Munch.

Munch is an abbreviation for 'Monthly Lunch', started years ago for the girlfriends of a tight circle of guys.   According to Justine, half of the couples have now broken up, and while the boys are not as tight, the girls have stayed strong, turning Munch into a noun (when's the next Munch?) and a verb (can't wait to go Munching!).

Justine describes her Munch as "the most all-accepting, like-minded, fun-loving group of girlfriends" she's ever had.  "Munch is all about love, support and a good time (not to mention good wine)... you never leave Munch feeling judged or not good enough.  You just leave it feeling good."

I feel the same way about our Feed Lot dinners.  Each month the Feed Lot is highly anticipated, our little group just seems to work - we are comfortable with each other, and in the same way as Justine's Munch, there are no soapboxes, high horses, grudges or agendas at our Feed Lot.  Just my three favourite ingredients... good food, good drink and great company.

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