Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Beefsteak & Burgundy Club

This blog isn't just about The Feed Lot, but also about how other people regularly get together to enjoy food and drink with great company.  My first post about other groups is dedicated to the Beefsteak & Burgundy Club.  There are two Beefsteak & Burgundy clubs where we live, and we happen to be invited to attend the September monthly dinner as the guest of close friends...  

Here's some history:

Beefsteak & Burgundy began in Adelaide in the 1950's, a group of 8 Gentlemen met regularly for Friday lunches, bringing a bottle of wine disguised in paper bags for the comments of their peers.  This quickly developed to a formal club, allowing up to 30 members before a new branch was formed.  Nowadays, Beefsteak & Burgundy continues, with branches all over the world, Ladies clubs and mixed clubs.

The Beefsteak & Burgundy club we will be joining for dinner this month meets monthly, with each member taking it in turns to host a meeting.  Monthly meetings are generally held over dinner, with the host choosing the venue, planning the menu with venue staff, organising accompanying wine and sending invitations.  Members are able to invite guests, and the cost of each dinner is $85 per person (budgeting $55 for the meal, $30 for wine).  Members pay an annual membership fee, and there is a waiting list for membership of this particular club.  In order to be considered for membership, you must attend a minimum of two Beefsteak & Burgundy dinners as a guest.  The second Beefsteak & Burgundy club in our area is for Men only, and, as with several other Beefsteak & Burgundy clubs in the world, has a headquarters containing their own private wine cellar.

For more information about Beefsteak & Burgundy clubs in your area, visit

Unlike The Feed Lot, being part of a dinner group that meets at a restaurant allows for a much larger group than at home.  It also takes the pressure off busy people who are happy to pay for a night out each month. 

I am very much looking forward to my first Beefsteak & Burgundy experience, which will be held at a new wine bar and restaurant in town, and promises to be a Night of Taylor'd Elegance... watch this space!

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