Monday, May 23, 2011

Peach, Haloumi and Prosciutto Salad with Lime and Lychee Dressing

Favourite dish of The Cameron's... Entree for Favourites Night

24 peach slices, canned and drained
100 - 200g mesculum lettuce leaves
200g - 400g haloumi (can use uncooked fetta)
1tbs olive oil
3tbs fresh lime juice
Half a can of lychees, drained and cut into small cubes
1tbsp fresh dill chopped finely
1tsp fresh mint chopped finely
1tsp green peppercorns
4 large slices of prosciutto, grilled until crisp, cooled and crumbed

Lightly spray peach slices with oil and cook on hot griddle pan until lightly browned with pan marks. Leave to cool before adding to lettuce and cheese.
Slice haloumi into long thin slices and lightly coat in flour and spray them with a little oil and cook on the griddle pan until cooked.
Wash the lettuce and add the cooled peach slices.
Whisk oil with lime juice and stir in mint, dill, lychee pieces and peppercorns to taste.
Add cheese to the lettuce and peaches and pour over dressing and toss gently.
Sprinkle crumbed prosciutto over and serve.

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