Thursday, March 3, 2011

Chinese Night

Chinese Night was chosen in celebration of the Chinese New Year.  It was a bit last-minute, and therefore I'm sure some of our dishes were technically not Chinese, but still a form of Asian cuisine.  At the Feed Lot, we're not terribly fussy... especially when it tastes great!

Sara and Troy treated us to some Fortune Cookies, Chinese Beer and we all read our Chinese horoscope from the local paper.  In true Chinese spirit... chop sticks were compulsory!  Here is our menu:
Entree:  Jiaozi (Pork Dumpling) and Cucumber Salad
Main:  Honey Soy Chicken, Chinese Beef with Sweet Orange sauce, Fried Rice
Dessert:  Custard Tarts and Tapioca Pudding
Cucumber Salad
Chinese Beef with Sweet Orange sauce
Tapioca Pudding

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