Monday, February 7, 2011

Dinner for Eight

Recently my husband celebrated his 34th Birthday.  He didn't want any fuss, so I did what I have over the past 12 months learnt to do best, and threw him a dinner party.  The dinner was a surprise, to be held in our backyard.  Eight people, three courses, and a black tie theme. 

Surprising my husband is no easy feat, but with the assistance of friends, we pulled it off.  I spent the evening before at Mum's, preparing the entree and main, with some girlfriends pitching in to produce dessert. 

My husband's best mate arrived from out of town early, and helped me get the backyard ready - shifting garden furniture, filling buckets with ice and placing lights around the yard.

If only he'd taken the black tie theme just as seriously....

Probably my best decision, and something I highly recommend if you're planning a dinner party at home, was to 'hire' family members to help out on the night.  I had already done most of the cooking, so my Mum and her friend simply had to plate, serve and clean up each course.  Having them there meant I was free to enjoy the evening without having to spend all my time in the kitchen, or have our beautifully dressed guests help with the washing up!

The menu was chosen based on the Birthday boy's favourite meals, here is what we enjoyed:

Entree:  Smoked Salmon, Avocado and Goats Cheese terrine
Main:  Green Olive and Tomato baked Chicken with Couscous
Dessert:  Sticky Date Pudding with Butterscotch sauce

We had a fabulous night, and it was well worth the preparations to enjoy a dinner party in our backyard with close friends.  The black tie element just made it all the more special. 

One day, I would love to host a dinner party each month, for a year... the time and money required would be well worth it.  Only problem is, finding enough people to invite!

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