Sunday, December 5, 2010

'Tis the Season

Has your love of cooking and entertaining lead you to tackle a Christmas party or meal this year?  I tend to get a bit excited, and while I would LOVE nothing more than to hold a Christmas brunch, cocktail party and three course dinner party all in the spirit of the season, I have instead decided to focus on hosting the family Christmas lunch.  Last year I successfully pulled off a traditional English Christmas dinner with Turkey and all the trimmings whilst working in a Ski Chalet, something I'm extremely proud of having never cooked a Turkey before.  This year won't be a huge affair, but I'm excited to be cooking for my family, and have been busily ooohhh-ing and aahhh-ing through the December food magazines to create my menu. 

So far I've earmarked a few recipes from Donna Hay's Celebrate Magazine... and I'm about to crack open the December/January edition of Delicious magazine.  Foodie Magazines can be great sources of not only recipes, but menu ideas also.  The bonus is they often come with added hints and tips for setting the table, matching drinks and little style ideas to make your occasion even more memorable.

I'll keep you posted on my family Christmas menu... but right now I'm loosening my belt in preparation for The Feed Lot's Christmas Night, only three sleeps away!


  1. Another great post Ems. Can't wait for Christmas....

  2. This is a great site Ems, we have sent the link to friends/family to spread the word and enjoy the recipes. Next year lets bring back the theme related entertainment - more Russian accents.